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Thread: Help updating softmoded Wii

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    Question Help updating softmoded Wii

    Hello I have a Wii that I softmod about 2 years a go with Homebrew channel and I use usb loader and a usb hard drive to run backup games, it work fine for a while, but some of the new games couldn't be backed up and didn't run as it require my wii to be upgraded, 6 months a go while I was on a trip my son click upgrade as he wanted to play one of those new games, but with that the usb loader and the backed up games stop working, my son just upgrade again to version 4.3U what can I do to run again my external hard drive with my backups? thanks!!

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    You didn't need to update your system menu, just block updates with Priiloader. It's too late for that now, since you probably lost all/most of your softmods by updating. Follow the 4.3 guide in my signature to resoftmod your Wii. Priiloader is part of the install, so your son won't be bothered with update messages again.
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