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Thread: problem with usbloader and external hd

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    problem with usbloader and external hd

    Hello, I recently had a friend mod my wii. I received it back with three channels:

    The Homebrew Channel
    USBLoader GX

    He explained to me that NeoGamma is the channel that needs to be run when playing burned games while USBLoader has to be run in order play games saved on storage.

    Sounds simple enough. I went over to the compatibility list and purchased this HD:

    Iomega Prestige TJA9302955 1.5TB

    I ran Disk Utility on my Mac, made a partition and formated it via FAT32.

    I connected it the back of the Wii and now all I receive is this error after selecting my partition

    Exception (DSI) occurred!
    GPROO 80BE50C4
    (More Junk)

    80be50d4 -->
    (More Junk)

    With basically the same junk.

    Does anyone know where I went wrong? Thanks in advance!

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