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Thread: can cIOS and cMIOS use the same location (e.g. 249)?

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    can cIOS and cMIOS use the same location (e.g. 249)?

    I use korean wii, ios 4.0U, softmod (neogamma shows IOS on 249), and want to play GC games.
    I want to install gamecube backup launcher 2, can it install on 249 too, thus cIOS and cMIOS at the same location, or should i choose another location (36?) for the cMIOS?

    thank you

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    after some reading, found out cios and cmios slots are different, thus they are independent of each other, so you can install cmios on 249 too, even though your cios is also on 249.
    already playing digimon rumble arena 2 on my wii


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