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Thread: Geohot being sued by sony!

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    Geohot being sued by sony!

    From PSX Scene:Sony MIB Team Full Speed Ahead - Lawsuit filed against Mr. George Hotz! - PSX PS2 PS3 Scene Modchip & Jailbreak Community

    Their MIB (lawyers in black suits) have landed, and the target is of course Mr. George Hotz aka "geohot"!

    Recently "Geohot" had published the PS3 'root key' on his website, along with various 'signing tools' and samples of possible ways to install and run 'homebrew'

    It seems Sony has decided they have had enough of this, and as of Jan. 11, 2011 have filed a lawsuit against Mr. George Hotz, which will be filed under the court docket of 'C 11-00167 JCS'!

    He also has the legal files at his site if you're wondering. Also Failoverflow is getting sued.

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    All SONY had to do was keep the other OS feature and all would be right in the PS3 world lol
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    This thread was already published and posted by Shadow Sonic 90 minutes prior to this one, thread closed. Shadow's posting can be found here.


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