The SNES9x port, a Super Nintendo Emulator for the Playstation 3 has been updated

How to Install:
Like with any of PS3 Homebrew, all you need to do is put the .PKG you need to install on the root of a USB thumb drive which is FAT32 formatted, plug it into the PS3, scroll the XMB to the 'Game' section then go to 'Install Package Files' and select the .PKG you wish to install. The Homebrew should now appear in your XMB under the 'Game' tab.

* Autodetection of Super Scope/Mouse/Multitap had a bug in it - after you
loaded a Super Scope/mouse game and then tried to load a multitap-compatible
game, the game would attempt to hook up the Mouse/Scope instead due to an error
in a switch/case statement. Fixed this.

Source- psx-scene