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Thread: downgrading softmodded wii from 4.3u to 4.1u

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    downgrading softmodded wii from 4.3u to 4.1u

    I need some help downgrading from 4.3 to 4.1
    I have the 4.1 system menu on my pc already along with the instructions but do I have to uninstall preloader first?

    the softmod guide I followed (mauifrog) listed the option to downgrade before he listed step 3 which was to install preloader.

    will I lose anything that I installed like ios by downgrading?

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    When you downgrade, you'll lose Priiloader and will have to reinstall it afterwards. I don't think this would affect BootMii as an IOS install, but it wouldn't hurt to verify it's still installed after the downgrade. Please don't create a separate thread from the guide you're following; next time, inquire within.

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    if i lose bootmi how do i get it back? bootmi is my main ios cause the 4.3 doesn't allow the option to install as boot2
    if I lost this wouldn't it brick my wii?

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    You won't lose bootmii downgrading. Just follow the guide carefully and you will be fine.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Can I uninstall bootmi without bricking after I downgrade, and reinstall it as boot2?

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    Lol, your system menu is NOT what prevents you from installing bootmii as boot2. If you can't now, you will NEVER be able to.
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