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    Question USB Gecko

    hi all im getting my usb gecko soon and want to know how to backup wii games with it

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    First step in copying your games for backup purposes is to get the right software and hardware. You will need one of the following DVD drives to copy games(no others will work). I received a pm that some people were having trouble locating the drives. Newegg no longer sell these drives for some reason.

    * LG-8164b
    * LG-8163b
    * LG-8162b
    * LG-8161b

    Personally I have the 8164b and have had zero problems. I'm sure the others are fine also.
    Once you install this drive into your computer you will need to download a few applications.

    *Raw dump 2.0

    .net Framework 2.0

    * Software to unzip the Raw Dump files.Winrar

    Once you download the files above then right-click on the rawdump2.0.rar and select "Extract to rawdump2.0\"
    this will make a folder on your desktop called rawdump2.0.

    Now insert your Wii or Gamecube game into the LG drive that you have ordered and installed. Then open the rawdump2.0 folder and double click on the rawdump2.0.exe file.

    follow intructions... if you require help on how to use Rawdump I recomend using google.



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