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Thread: PAL convert to NTSC?

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    PAL convert to NTSC?

    I heard that there are ways to convert PAL to NTSC, and I"m just curious #1 if it's even possible and how, and #2 will backup launcher work with converted PAL games?

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    Yes, and yes

    regionfrii search for it

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    I have a ISO thats a PAL and i got regionfrii to convert it to USA. It says it does it fine but when i open up brick blocker and read the info from the ISO it says its still a PAL. Is this normal or did i mess something up?

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    brickblock reads the update, which would be pal

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    brickblock reads the update, which would be pal
    Hmmm so i guess i must be doing something wrong with RegionFrii that its not reporting the change to brickblocker.

    When i run region free and make the change the reopen the file it reports the changes version but brickblocker doesnt.

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    just remove the update and try, all that matters is it works


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