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Thread: problem parititoning usb drive

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    problem parititoning usb drive

    Drive: OCZ Rally2 16GB

    According to site's USB Compatibility list, it states it's working but the thing has been found Write-Protected or least from what I researched. No matter if it's in NTFS or FAT32 state, I can't follow this guideline ( alt option 1/2 because of the lockout I'm receiving. Rather trying to delete the volume on Windows; it greyed out, or using Aconis; deleting option greyed out.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I

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    there is a guide in my sig for usb fat 32 if you need it
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    use easeus partition manager

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    That was the guide I used. None of the options works with this flash, but for some reason, my other USB drives work (corsair 128mb).

    The option of deleting or creating a partition greyed out for my flash when I load Easeus. Same goes for Acronis. Is there any other way I could partition this flash(ocz rally2 16GB) since it's write protected or I'm SOL?

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    Windows 7 Ultimate 84x (32bits). I tried method 2 of going to Windows Disk Management and no, I can't delete the volume since it's greyed out too. None of the methods so far on Krank's tutorial allow me to create partition on this sucker. *sigh*

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    This link here shows how to remove write protection from your drive.


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