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Thread: I am really new. Need some help with making a title for this thread

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    I am really new. Need some help with making a title for this thread

    I have been reading about homebrew for about 2 hours or so.

    First this is what I have. I have a modded wii with wiikey in it. I did not do it, a guy I had install it

    What I am trying to do is install WiiMC on my wii to stream movies from my computer.

    It says that I need to install homebrew. Well if I am modded with wiikey, what do I have to do next.

    Does someone have the homebrew step by step instructions that they can help me with.

    Also the step by step instructions on WiiMC.

    Thank you

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    Click on the 4.1u part of my signature for the softmod any wii guide (don't let my version confuse you, it's just a link) and FOLLOW EVERY STEP. This will get you a working softmod. If you add the last step, which is other useful programs, if it doesn't give you wiiMC, it will give you homebrew browser, which will make it very easy to get wiiMC.
    Give credit where credit is due. If it helps you, click "thanks" on ANY guide I link.


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