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Thread: Help with PriiLoader on 4.0U console

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    Help with PriiLoader on 4.0U console

    I've recently gotten Priiloader on my system, and i have a 4.0U System menu. In the hacks.ini file i have for this, there is no "Block Disc Update" setting, which is the main reason I wanted priiloader. Does anyone know a way to go about fixing this, ASIDE from me updating my system menu? Can i use other system Menu Hacks files without damaging the wii?

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    what version of priiloader did you install?
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    Hmm, that may be the issue. i have priiloader 0_6

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    As soon as you said that i realized i forgot to enable "Use classic INI" in the settings. Did that and it appeared immediatly. Thanks

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