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Thread: Going crazy doing this drivekey update

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    Going crazy doing this drivekey update

    Howdy all,

    Been having problems playing games like super mario, nickolodean kids wii fit, tetris, etc... so i bought a programmer for my very old drivekey. Spent a while getting the update done and now when testing, it still took all those games to the black screen after clicking on the start button. Nick game wouldnt play due to needing updates.

    So I set the chip to allow NTSC updates, did the update from the nick kids game, THEN saw it was 4.3U. Well, tried to play the games again, STILL GETTING BLACK SCREEN!

    I believe they are NTSC, but what would everyone recommend? I am very confused with this thing. Read a few threads about downgrading, installing IOS something, but the link showed dozens of zips to download, etc.. Anyone have a SIMPLE walkthrough as to how I can get these games working without ruining my wii?


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    I had that problem too with my drivekey. All the new games would go to black screen after clicking start because I haven't updated my wii. I just soft-modded it and all the newer games work. I used Mauifrog tutorial.

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    I have no idea why , but my drivekey only works if I have it set to auto boot. Then it works fine..You might want to try that.


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