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Thread: Freeloader Bricked my Wii???

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    HELP!! Freeloader Bricked my Wii???

    I have a Japanese Wii and I used a Japanese wii Freeloader to try to play Deadspace Extraction (NTSC). However, it didn't work the first time, so I tried the alternate method which was to put in the Freeloader twice, then the game. When I did that, there was a blue loading bar (I think it was updating) and then the screen went blank. I powered off the wii and then turned it back on and there was just a blank screen. I can't do anything.

    I've done no mods or upgrades to the wii at all, and I haven't installed anything on it either, just been using the freeloader. The Freeloader worked for Metriod Prime 3 and House of the Dead 2 and 3. Is there a solution to this problem??
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