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Thread: "The channel cant be used" HELP!!

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    "The channel cant be used" HELP!!

    Some games from wiishop that I do install with wad manager when the installation finish and I start the game it says "The channel cant be used" please help tell me what to do (sorry for bad English)

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    make sure their in your region
    install Cios 37

    if neither does it, then idk =\

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    Try installing all the known IOSes: 38, 50, 51, 53, 55

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    i got same problem... download and installed bunch of games with wad manager and says channel is unavailable.. installed all the IOSs i could find and still no go... any help appreciated.. thanks..

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    any idea?

    Any word on this issue?
    I am having the same problem.

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    you're installing wads from out of region. You need to either use FreeTheWad (google it) or download from a different source.


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