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Thread: PLEASE HELP! i messed up trying to un soft mod my wii! I DONT WANNA GET BRICKED:(

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    PLEASE HELP! i messed up trying to un soft mod my wii! I DONT WANNA GET BRICKED:(

    as far as i can tell everything that i hacked is off of my wii except priiloader. i dont have any of my files to back it up or anything is there any way i can get priiloader off of it? i just want my wii to be virginized. and it still says im at 4.1u and wont let me update because of priiloader. the only why i can think to remove priiloader is to try to hack everthing agian and try to uninstall it from there

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    The presence of priiloader should not stop an update, but more importantly.......why are you doing this?

    Has something stopped working or did something happen that worried you?

    More info = more help :-)

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    priiloader is blocking the update because i enabled both settings to prevent it from updating, and for some reason those settings are still on it though all the setting where on my sd card and are no earsed i mess up big time with that! also i tried to factory format it to take all mods off of it. would this fix iso issues? i dont no what isos are still loaded into it

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    Yes why are you doing this? Nintendo will still know that it has been Modded! Even after you virginize it!
    Priiloader attaches itself to the system menu when it is installed. To uninstall priiloader you have to re-install
    your system menu 4.1u wad.
    But I urge you not to proceed as virginizeing can be hazrdous to your Wii if you dont know what you're doing!


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