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Thread: can you help me out of a pickle please x

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    Wink can you help me out of a pickle please x

    hi there, i followed the hack 4.1 guide a couple of days ago and it wouldnt play the games in neogamma so i tried the 'update ios's' guide and it still wouldnt play them. so i tried to start a fresh today and followed the hack 4.1 guide again only to be stopped at the first hurdle. in trucha it wont downgrade to ios15, it went through the rest of the guide no problem but neogamma is now just a black screen. i am a noob to the wii stuff. so sorry if i did something a bit daft (but hey im a scouser lol) my wii is a gc2-d2c v1 so i dont know why it wont play the tdk dvd-r ???? i used img burn at 4 and tried different games. i am very greatful for any help, (would i just be better off installing the usb loader ?and would it work after what ive done ?) thanks alot sine23

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    As my guide clearly states, updating your IOS's will not help you run backups unless you are using a modchip. It is for playing games through the disc channel.

    It is likely that you are using incompatible discs. Try Verbatim DVD-R discs instead.
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