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Thread: help need to update my wii

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    help need to update my wii

    i have a wii been chip in side but need to updat it so i can play up todate games any help plzzz

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    There's a guide by Joostin on IOS updating. Have a look there.

    Seriously, though... the Lounge?

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    do u have a web sit as am all new to this

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    At the top-right corner, you will find a search bar. Use it.
    Google may also get you somewhere.

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    am stuck i aint got a clue wot am looking for i got a chip wii of my freind but its been done from the inside i need to update it so i can play up to date games

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    You've already said there's a hardmod installed. But, hardmod users always need to update their IOSes, and that's exactly what I told you to do.

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    so witch 1 will i need to update to

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    You don't get the point. You will need all the IOSes up-to-date, no matter which hardmod you have. After updating, see if all your games work first.

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    so it wont matter witch ios program i use to update it wots the chance off bricking it

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    That made no sense at all --- at least not to me. Could you explain your intention a little better?

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