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Thread: What Happened??

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    What Happened??

    So, I have a WIIkey 2 WII, and, I tried it on Friday, back up game started to load, but, only got so far and I got the dreaded black screen error message, tried it again, same thing, tried another back up SAME THING.....

    I then noticed I had 2 weather and 2 News channels --- Im on 4.3U firmware

    Any ideas?

    Can this be fixed easily?

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    was your wiikey-2 wii played dvd-r's well before ?
    are you preparing your "new" back up game adequately this time ? with ImgBurn, at 2x speed?
    suggest you to follow mauifrog's 4.3 Softmod Guide; and play your back up disc with NeoGamma.

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    Ya, it played great pretty much until Friday....I do my disks the same way everytime....slow, using region-free if its a pal disk, and using wii brick blocker on every one.

    I am not understung this 'softmod' thing......why do I have to soft mod when I have a Hard mod?

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    to be honest, i find more disc reading error at 4.3 when loading the backups from disc channel (with modchip)
    all those "error' disc are playable, then, via NeoGamma with cios249_r17 and/or higher (after softmod)
    hardmod might have surrendered to ninty's 4.3, i'm not sure. lol

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    Ya. seems like a LOT of screwing around to do that softmod, there has to be another way !!!!!!!!!!

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    So, some of my back ups work, so, it isnt a complete tragedy...just not the newer ones like Black Ops and MWR.

    I aint going the soft mod route as that seems laden with issues that could screw the machine up more than fix it, and my only easy solution is to buy another option like Wode (which looks awesone and may be a definite fit for me)

    guess im on my own

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    getting a WODE is perhaps a great blessing for you fun.
    yet, softmod and running NeoGamma for your backup disc is always a substantial option. i did it for Black-Op. fyi.

    all the best, if you guess you're on your own.

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