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Thread: Not too overwhelmed, but full of theories. {WODE}

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    Not too overwhelmed, but full of theories. {WODE}

    New to the scene. Broken DVD drive so got a WODE to emulate it. Liked the prospect of having emulators for all my old carts and consoles that I can't play anymore.

    I have gathered that I can use the WODE's usb port to install an HDD for my backups to play off of. I am wondering if I will be able to use the same drive to store my other files for the emulators and such.

    I believe I'll be able to use Indy crack or SSBB crack off of the WODE's backup of one of those games to softmod the Wii, but I'm seeing these custom WAD front pages with all the emulator apps in them and I wonder where the files have to be stored.

    I'd rather just store everything on the HDD, but I'm not sure if WODE will give the WADs access to the directories. Not sure if NTFS or WBFS would be the best call, but from what I've read E3 would require a bit much more than I think I could safely perform.

    Basically I have acronyms coming out of my arse and wonder if anyone wants to break these comments down and fire back some info, pages to read specifically, kinks in the plans I'm making, etc...


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    Put you in the WODE forum so people who own one can help you.
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    ...and by E3 I meant EXT3 for anyone whom I may have confused. I'm not going to a Video game convention, I'm formatting HDDs

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    There are a number of threads on the offical wodejukebox forum that deal specifically with your interests.

    The link I provided is a good starting point.
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    You can run your backups from your USB HDD, without a drive, using the Wode. (no need to softmod)
    If you want to softmod a 4.3E you will need a working drive and an original disc indy.
    If you want to softmod a 4.3U you will need a working drive and an original disc SSBB.

    If you have a Wii that is below 4.3 you will not need a working drive.

    See this guide.

    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - WodeFlow - Install Guide FW4.3

    Edit : Sorry RNB, we must have replied at same time.


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