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Thread: Neogamma cIOS issues

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    Neogamma cIOS issues

    Ok, so I have a wii. And some time ago a friend helped me modify the wii to have the homebrew channel and neogamma working on it.

    Then I bought my wife some new games. And the wii forced her to apply a system update before letting her play the games, strongarming us into this unwanted update, which removed homebrew from my system and blocked me from loading it back on. This left me absolutely furious. I feel this is as if someone broke into my apartment, and started uninstalling software from my computer, and feel these actions should be illegal as they are an invasion from Nintendo into MY property.

    But anyways....

    Now I'm on 4.3, and found the method of getting my homebrew back by using smash bros. So I have homebrew back, and my emulators for older systems are once again working. So I go to test out one of my backups by loading neogamma, and the screen goes black, nothing happens.

    Ok, maybe I need an updated version.

    So I get the latest version of Neogamma. Now I get the following error:

    DVD Err (1208), Disc ID
    no cIOS + DVD-R

    From doing some searching, it seems I need to install a cIOS. I've found a guide here talking about cIOS and IOS and what they are, but it offers no information on how to install or what I need to install. I also found a thread with this exact same problem, which someone replied stating that cIOS needs to be installed, and then closed the thread, without directing how or where to find information on how to do this.

    Could someone please kindly point me in the right direction of where to obtain a cIOS installer and how to install it? There are many files I found on these things, and different installers or instructions, which all seem vague and unclear, so if someone can point me to a guide on here that is clear and exactly what I need to do, I would appreciate that greatly.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hello. Please Introduce Yourself (no need to restate all this -- just an intro).

    You will be given a series of links to useful guides on the forums. Follow the link for the 4.3 guide, and follow the guide. By the end of it you will have all you need set up properly.
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    Thanks. I have posted to introductions, and am awaiting to hear back with some links.

    Meanwhile, I found this thread,

    This looks like what I need, however, I am unable to make sense of it or make it work.

    Step one states

    Step 1 - Restoring Trucha Bug in iOS36
    You should now load dopmii.dol through LoadMii.
    a) Load iOS250 as the one it should be used. You should now be taken to a menu with several options. Select iOS. Navigate to iOS36 and press + on the WiiMote to install. Say YES to all patches. Allow it to install successfully. Once done, exit and move onto the next step.

    However, when I boot up from the SD card using the smash bros hack, the only options I have are to install homebrew, or install bootmii. There is no LoadMii option, or option to load dopmii.dol, and certainly no way for me to Load iOS250.

    There has to be something missing here, a missing step or file or something else I need to do since there is no way for me to do this step, despite my following the instructions to get to this step. What do I need to do?

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    Ok, I ended up not needing to bother with the guide in that thread, and am all set now.


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