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Thread: Xeno Gc 1.0!!! and Mini DVD-R's VS. Full Size DVD-R's

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    Us Xeno Gc 1.0!!! and Mini DVD-R's VS. Full Size DVD-R's

    It took me about 2 months but I finally figured out (after installing the Xeno GC 1.0) how to run burned games on my gamecube console. I had to adjust the POT level down. It started at around 500. It seemed to run burned games from 220-280. I left it at 265. Anyways my problem is that when I use Mini DVD-R's the games will boot fine (gamecube makes alot of weird noises) but after a little while of playing or even at the start menu the gamecube will start to make this weird rapid clicking noise near the Lens. (Im assuming its the engine or something to do with the Lens/Eye) Then the Lens shoot back to a starting point and will stop reading the game and I will get the Read Error Code, Consult your Gamecube Menu. Also The Lens seems to constantly move around reading the disc instead of relaxing at one point at a time. And sometimes the Lens will shoot across its path really fast and harder then normal.

    When I use Full Size DVD-R's I am able to run every burned game I try perfectly! No problems.

    Mini DVD-R's: Sony DVD-R 1.4 GB Accucore
    Full Size DVD-R's: Sony DVD-R 4.7 GB Accucore 1x-16x burn speed

    I use a LG super-multi drive to burn the games and 2x speed everytime. Unverified.
    I always make sure I burn ISO's that are the correct gamecube size. I have tried to use the GCM Fixer before and it has worked so I have alreayd messed around with that stuff and I still have a problem with Mini DVD-R's.

    It seems like the gamecube/Lens acts differently depending on which size DVD-R I use.

    So Im wondering, wtf is up with Mini DVD-R's because I DO NOT want to spend money on a Full Size DVD Case Mod for the gamecube.

    Oh and also when I installed the Xeno GC 1.0 and booted my Gamecube, I got the red light, then ORAGNE light. NOT Green like it says everywhere. But then I read from a few sources that the "new" Xeno GC 1.0's have a orange light instead a green upon booting. I am still able to run burned games despite the orange light so Im assuming its ok.....?
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