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Thread: Some apps not starting

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    Question Some apps not starting

    My friend wants me to hack his Wii for him, and I have the Homebrew Channel installed and such, but he wants to install those WADs and play those game discs (they're burnt). He doesn't know how to do it, and I've successfully done it on two Wiis. It'd be a cinch to do it again on his Wii, but a good majority of the apps that I try to launch (WAD Manager (many versions), CIOSCORP installer, and a whole bunch of other CIOS things) just take me to a black screen, the Wii remote disconnects, and I have to force-shutdown the Wii. The one WAD Manager I can get to run doesn't install anything that has to do with a CIOS (I can install channels just fine, but the CIOS WADs give me the -1035 error. Is there any way to fix this?

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    You need to actually follow a softmod guide, rather than install things at random.


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