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Thread: Black screen when game starts (NEWBIE) Need help please

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    Black screen when game starts (NEWBIE) Need help please

    Hi Ive downloaded nfl 09 PAL iso file from Wii ISO • Nintendo Wii iSO Torrents • and tried to run it on my wii but as soon as you hit start on the wii disk channel the screen goes black and the remote loses connection.

    i Cant work out what the problem is have tried burning at 2x and 1x speed on a dvd-r 16x tdk disk but that does not work and have also tried to use the wii brickblocker which also does not work for the game.

    This is my first burn for a wii game and need help shall i try using verbatim disks as have heard they are better for a wii game and try using another burning software using imgburn at the mo.

    Another problem is that im not sure if my wii is plays pal or nstc backups as i usually buy my wii games through a guy i know but have the orignal wii sports in pal which runs fine on my wii.

    Also tried the same for samba de amigo which i got from the same site but when i inserted this disk into ny wii it just came up with unable to read disk.

    Reallu would appreciate the help please guys

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    try to boot in gecko OS, if it doesnt work, then youre missing something, or bad iso's

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    Sorry really new to the wii stuff what is gecko os and where can i get it?


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    its a region free, force boot program, you use it in Homebrew channel


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