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    Region Question

    ok, tried to do as much searching as i can on the forums but seems not many of the people who posted has a japanese Wii. I got it because i was in asia and it was cheaper and so forth.

    my current FW is v3.2J i think no idea what kind of chip is in it, i was never told when the guy installed it as i bought it already mod. Now i'm just wondering which games am i suppose to be able to play on it? PAL or NTSC-U or NTSC-J? from my understanding of the various posts if i brick-block the iso before i put it in (taking out the updates) i should be fine all regions? is that correct? and if i dont brick-block does NTSC-U and NTSC-J have any difference when putting it in? as i cant find any games with the titles -J or -U seems everyone only puts in NTSC.

    I'm kinda concern as since it's japanese, i have no idea how to even hook it up to the net to do updates to be safe and also no idea when msgs pop up what it says.. looking back now.. maybe buying the japanese wii was a bad idea >.<

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    some chips need special jumpers, and blah blah

    get the Homebrew channel installer ISO, from the site, then get a SD card, or use yours, then get Gecko OS, and boot there, if u cant run out of region

    as for games, MOST TIMES, it says somewhere which one, you can brick block it either way, and move on, or install starfall from homebrew channels, and set it to block updates, and youll be fine reguardless

    as to this not being found here, you didnt try hard xD i anwsered this like 7 times this week alone =\

    as for reading Hiragana, Kanji, and katakana, its rather simple =\, if something pops up it would be a update but!!!

    heres what i think you SHOULD DO!

    install homebrew channel like i said
    install Anyregion changer
    change the region from Japan to US
    once finshed everything will be in english *another thing ive anwsered like 9 times today alone xD*

    once you do this, you might need to change the chip region, but i doubt that, overall this is what i would do, and you should be fine reguardless of which thing you pick

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    Thanks for the insanely fast reply, i didnt realize you can change regions on your wii that's something good to know and i should do. Sorry if i didnt look hard enough but really did look >.< maybe i just couldnt understand it before. But in any case thanks so much ^^ i'm gonna get right on your suggestion


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