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Thread: Looking for firmware 0W20

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    Looking for firmware 0W20

    Hello everyone. I just bought an lg gdr 8163b from amazon and now looking for the appropriate firmware. I saw in this forum how to identify the version type using rawdump. Last four read 0W20. I can't find any firmware this type. I tried the 0L23 but i get "this program cant be used for the selected device", so Im quessing its not it. My son was given couple of backup dvd's and they work on his modded comp, so i tried to make some for me with my new (used) LG but to my surprise image burn didn't recognized the drive. So Im searching for firmware. Hopefully someone has one like mine and got it running. Thanks in advance... Vic-Vic

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    Thanks p and sorry for taking so long . I think I'll find a way to play games without the rom for now. I managed to play games by installing them thru wad manager so at least i wont go crazy cause i finally managed to do something. Again thanks.


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