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Thread: DVD playback on Wii 4.3U

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    DVD playback on Wii 4.3U

    I downloaded homebrew last night and was able to get it going (after about 8 hours of work) with the sole reason being to use my Wii as a DVD player. I used the SSBB game and it seems to be working. I have been able to download a couple games from the channel but I when I download DVDX installer it wont work it says "error -2011 installing DVD Stub ticket." Does DVDX not work in 4.3U? Is there any other program I can use to play DVD's on my Wii? Also, on a side note, i am very new at this, is there a way to download all the N64 and SNES games at once?


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    how old is your wii?

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    its a year and 1/2 maybe 2 at the most.

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    Download WiiMC, I had the same problem with DVDx and my wii is about the same age as yours. WiiMC works great, though on it seems to be a little loud.... I wouldn't want to wreck a wii by playing all DVD's in it. Its probably worth spending $20 on a DVD player. Another solution could be to backup your movies on a harddrive, you can play them through WiiMC also... you wouldn't have to fumble around your DVD collection, they would all be saved on a Harddrive... you also wouldn't have to worry about scratching the discs then


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