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Thread: General Softmod questions on upgrading...

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    General Softmod questions on upgrading...

    First off thanks for all the great guides. They have answered pretty much all the things I would have asked/searched for.

    Second, I have a 4.0u Wii and Im running this guide ( )

    Should I update anything after Im done? Im going to be playing my backups via USB HDD ( I already check it out, its good to go ) Im lost here and Ive been reading alot and confused to say the least. Im just wondering if there is anything I should update AFTER im done softmodding?

    OH and also, to download the USB drivers for the external HDD, how to I load them up? In the guide I linked above, it just gives me a link... No guide on how to load that onto the Wii.


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    Hmm all of those views and no replies? Well I did it today with no issues, just waiting to start running my games from my external HDD to speed up load times.


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