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Thread: Hello guys, two quick questions

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    Hello guys, two quick questions

    Hi folks, just modded my wii today. (Wasabi with wii-clip) and I just got two quick questions:

    1. Using the update disc there was a option to set the wii from 6x to 3x. Should I change it to 3x? Is there any benefit or harm to doing so?

    2. All the backup games are recognized and loads fine, but sometimes in the middle of playing. Like 10-20 mins into it I would get a system error message "disc cannot be read" Now I'm using these dirt cheap dvd-r thats like 5 cents a pop. Would that be the culprit? Also is something like this common? I mean these disc worked great on my ps2 I just assume its ok on wii.

    If anyone old hands, experts could shed some lights on these here issues I'd be much obliged. Thanks in advance.

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    1. drive lasts "longer" games load slower or not at all
    2. i have never heard of that, but it sounds like a bad burn

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    There's a few theories behind the drive speed thing. One of them is to reduce laser jitter, so copied games will be read better since the disc isn't turning as quickly. Also, another is to reduce drive noise and heat.

    With that said, stick with the 6X. The games won't skip if you burn them properly. The console isn't noisy to begin with. The Wii never really gets hot.

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