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Thread: fully bricked up wii 4.3 euro no sortmods

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    fully bricked up wii 4.3 euro no sortmods

    Hi All
    I have a fully bricked up wii running 4.3 euro and a wasabi chip no softmods at all installed. I have tried using a gamecube controller and a new game to see if that helps to upgrade the home screen to no success.
    If anyone can help it will be much appreciated.

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    I'm right here
    as this is a brick, don't you think the bricked section would've been better?

    and just to make sure, when you turn on the wii, does the drive light flash twice quickly? or once?
    if you hold reset and turn on the wii, can you get into priiloader?

    you tried the savemiifrii?

    if none of those work, check your serial number on the boot2 compatible serial list.
    Boot2 compatible Wii serial number list
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    Moved to a more appropriate section.

    1. Can you give us a little more detail on what happened?
    2. Does your remote turn on the Wii?

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    When i switch the wii on it flashes once

    Nothing happens when you press and hold the reset button.

    Don't know what actually happened, I went to switch my wii on and nothing happened just a black screen, the screen flickers as it knows sometihng is there but it dosn't seem to be able to put the home screen on the tv.

    The wii remotes wont sync at all.

    Thanks for the comments so far they are much appreciated.

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    It sounds like a bad bluetooth module since your remote wont turn on the system and you are getting black screen. Try the SaveMiiFrii method to help diagnose.


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