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Thread: Modern Farware blows my mind.

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    Modern Warware blows my mind.

    It is a sensation like i havent experienced since the early days of fps. I havent played most recent FPS so Modenrn Warware one of the first.
    I don't know if it is the weird wii experience which is a whole emotion on it is own, or Activision's game which is what seems to be emerging as a movie-games. The whole single player puts you into a movie with a second to second developments. It is pretty awesome. I have read ppl complaining these movie fps are too short , but now it is obvious why. These are not 20 - year old mindless shooters like Doom , Fear , etc . These are moviegames where you live through every second... So turns out , quite oddly , shorter is better !

    It is weird how after some wii playing , you wanna move the pointer with your body
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    i wish the COD games could be longer at £40 ($80) a game thats not a joke for only 5-7 hours of single player BUT yeah MWR is amazing and every bit as good as the ps3 and 360 counterpart, the wii comtrols are perfect for shooters!!!!!

    the wii has come along way from mindless and endless family party type games (thank god)

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    Its good but not the same as on the other systems.. I was kind of disapointed..

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