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Thread: Wii refuses to update

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    Wii refuses to update


    As a newbie to this forum I'm hoping to call in your help on this problem. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

    I have a perfectly fine running Wii (4.2E). I just bought two games (Epic Mickey and Wii Party) that demand an update of the firmware to 4.3E. However, when I try to update, it just fails in the very first second. It says it fails to update - and that's it. Tried this many times from both discs.

    Trying to update through the internet results in 32004 - it starts to update, but never get's through the very first phase. Suggests somethings wrong with either my connection or their server. If it's their server, it's been like that for a few days now.

    My internet is fine btw - News channel and Weather channel no problem. I nevertheless tried without firewall and changing channels on the router - no dice.

    Now in the past I have tried to get the whole machine running backed-up games from DVD or USB. I never got it working for some reason, but I do have HBC running, even though I never use it. I got Priiloader installed (but seem to have lost BootMii somewhere along the way).

    So I tried uninstalling Priiloader, since it has some settings that can block updates. Those weren't activated, but you never know. However, this didn't help (So I reinstalled the lastest Priiloader-version, just to be save).

    Next, I decided to get rid of cIOSCORP. Followed this great guide
    to the letter. Everything looks fine. Still no updates possible.

    Removed NeoGamma R8 using AnyTitle Deleter. Still no updates.

    Now I could try to remove the whole HBC (and thus Priiloader), but I can hardly imagine that would do any good - I never read anywhere HBC would block updates.

    So I tried StartPatch (4.2.6x PAL) to simply work around the updates and see if I can get those games running under 4.2. It asks me what IOS - since I don't have 249 running I tried 250 - should work; it's a Trucha Bug version. But it says it can't find the patch section in the dol - whatever that's supposed to mean.

    And now I'm stuck. Nintendo of course recommends sending the whole thing to them. Might as well buy a new one. But first, I really hope for some community thinking power to try and fix this problem.

    Please keep in mind:
    - it's still running all older games fine at the moment
    - I don't mind loosing HBC etc by installing the official 4.3E patch - if I can only get it running...

    Many many thanks...

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    you shouldnt update...just enable block disc updates in priiloader

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    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I thought that Priiloader-option would only prevent updates from installing, which is what I have already - are you sure that would allow me to play those games?

    Actually, the latest Priiloader version I installed (0.6) doesn't even give me that option anymore. Not sure if that's a version-thing or if I removed that option by one of my earlier actions. Hm - I just noticed the 0.6 Priiloader came without hacks.ini. I guess I'll have to look into that later.

    Any further thoughts on why the Wii could possibly not accept updates are very welcome...

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    block updates with priiloader

    run game from neogamma


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