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Thread: Advice wanted please

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    Lightbulb Advice wanted please

    HI i am new to wii hacking,got a black wii for xmas its 4.3e I would like hbc but cant aford indiana or yu gi ho or get it from blockbusters ,thinking of getting a flatmii ,question is can i get hbc with flatmii ,or if not could i run a backup of indiana jones and use the exploit from that (run i jones through pc with flatmii) hope it dosent seem dum question bob

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    Well, you would still need to have the original game to run the hackmii installer. Any backup you would have would be an illegal backup. If there is no way you can get one of game needed, then you need to think about how you would pay for games for your wii, seeing as you do not have the money to get this one game needed. I assume you're planning on pirating games, and I can tell you that piracy is illegal, and if that is your plan, you will not receive assistance from this site helping you do so.
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