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Thread: I am new and just need some help downgrading 4.3u

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    I am new and just need some help downgrading 4.3u

    Okay I am newer to moding a wii. I installed homebrew a year or so ago but never did much with it. I wanted to run iso's on my wii so decided to try and hack it.

    Well like an idiot I updated before doing anything, because a forum said to. (should of done some research lol). But here is my current situation.

    -First I had a First gen wii (brought on launch). And it is updated to 4.3u
    -I have installed homebrew (using smash stack), I have backed up the 3 files bootmii, nand, and key.
    -I did install Bootmii as boot2... Boot mii was working (going to it from HBC but now doesn't. It is just a black screen, so I don't know if there is a way to reinstall it or what).
    -Other than that I have trying a few forums but usually run into a situation where I can't load an ISO, or can't find a file that I need though I downloaded the files/folders I needed.

    I basicly need to know what my best option is from here to downgrade to 4.1 (or the best version) And if I am missing a needed wad, iso, or file. Also how to reinstall the bootmii because I believe it died in one of the mods/downgrades.

    Here is some info on my wii. Taken from MMM v13.4(my cam is to crappy for a snapshot)
    -boot2 version is boot2v4
    -System menu v(null) on IOS0
    -Console Region -USA
    Video Standard - NTSC
    AHBPROT: 00000000
    Current IOS: IOS15 v1032

    Apps I have are MMM, USB loader GX, cIOS38r17 installer, DOP Miiv14.5, Mackmii installer, loadmii, priiloader, trucha bug restorer, cIOS36rev10, WADmanager

    Some of those work some don't because of 4.3u... I know WADmanager for sure will not work at this time.

    I am downloading the updatepack and modpack form the softmod any wii forum right now also.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks! Joe

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    Okay I was able to follow the guide and everything went fine until I tried to downgrade the menu to 4.1u, it gets to content 2/9 and fails online mode. ( I am gonna try offline mode now)

    Also I can't seem to get the priiloader to install correctly... It will have two errors I believe error -221 (or -211). It still goes threw the rest but there is no priiloader channel...

    Any help with that? I will let you know if the offline mode works.

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    Let me ask the obvious question here: is there really a need to start this thread when you're following one of our existing guides/threads? POST IN THE GUIDE.

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