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Thread: How to sync a controller in priloader???

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    How to sync a controller in priloader???

    I ran into an interesting delemna today. I modded a wii for a freind. I set it up to load wiiflow from priloader. He didn't bring over his wiimotes, so I just synced up one of mine. He stopped at a freinds house on the way home and wanted to show it off, so he hooked it up and tried to sync his friends controller to it and it won't sync (from what I am able to figure out) unless on the system menu.
    Now this isn't that big of deal, cause his controllers are allready synced and will work fine once he gets home. But lets say for a second that something happens, like they get lost or broken or stollen. Now what? How would you sync a new controller? In order to get it out of autoboot, you have to have a working wiimote.And to have a working wiimote, you would need to be out of autoboot. Would a gamecube controller fix this?? I would like to know in advance cause I have modded a couple of wiis for freinds, and sooner or later something will happen. I would like to have the answer in advance.

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    I had the same problem it isnt possible to sync I think..
    I had to get in the menu with one of those dancemats >.> didnt have my GC controllers
    but since the mat goes in the GC port a GC should work in priiloader

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    You can't sync it, but I'm pretty sure that if you removed the SD card it would just boot to the System Menu.
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    if you have priiloader r46 or newer it introduced just the thing which can fix this. After 15 seconds after booting into priiloader hit the reset button which then goes back to the wii menu which will allow you to sync again. Otherwise you need a gamecube controller to navigate the priiloader menu so you can get back to the system menu to resync.


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