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Thread: Can I replace a D3-2 DVD drive with an older one?

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    Question Can I replace a D3-2 DVD drive with an older one?

    I recently bought a Red Wii and I soft modded it. I also went to pick up a 100 pack of DVD-Rs, I burned a couple games and tried them. None of them booted, I figured out that the Red Wiis come with a D3-2 Drive which is unable to read DVD media.

    If I replace my D3-2 drive with an older one like a D2E, would I be able to load DVD media?

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    yes. And for around the same cost you could instead purchase a USB HardDrive and load with that. No discs to burn, much less hassle, much more convenience!

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    I know that I could buy a good HDD for the same or less as a new drive, but I just want to be able to play DVD-Rs too. I spent money on them already, so, I should use them.


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