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Thread: Priiloader Help

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    Priiloader Help

    Hey guys

    I recently hacked my Wii at version 4.1 and followed this tutorial:

    I bought the Wii on this firmware, and hacked it with HBC, USBLoader, etc. But I have a very important question. In the section that says "UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM MENU VERSION TO 4.1", am I allowed to skip that (as well as the installation of IOS60_Patched), or do I have to follow that? It doesn't exactly say so, and I'm not spending $200 on a new Wii.

    Also, after I should follow "The Final Step" right? It may be a dumb question, but again I don't want to mess stuff up.

    Edit: I appreciate all the help so far...
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    You should ask your questions in the guide you r following. if u r already on 4.1 then u only need to install the patched ios60. This is a must! After u install the patched ios carry on with the guide


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