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Thread: .wad files now gone in wiiflow after moving from Wii Channels to SD card & cover help

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    Angry .wad files now gone in wiiflow after moving from Wii Channels to SD card & cover help

    Have several .wad game files I'm trying to access via wiiflow v2.2 r304. They worked fine as long as they are left in my wii channels area but I had to move them to SD card because I ran out of space on wii system. Now they do not show up in wiiflow (homebrew and a few other channels are still there only because I did not move them off of "Wii Channels".

    How can I access these wad games in wiiflow and install more (use wad manager v1.7 & installed wads automatically install on wii system menu taking up do I move them SD card where wiiflow will load them too??

    (All my regular games are stored on my usb HDD & all softmod apps and everything else is on my SD card I keep in wii slot.)


    Also can someone tell me steps to get wiiflow to display the 100 cover screen-read about it involving some .ini file but cannot figure it out what and where to type in info for this

    **Wii 4.2u softmodded/WiiFlow v2.2 r304/IOS249 rev19, base IOS57

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