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Thread: Formatting Wii?

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    Formatting Wii?

    I currently have a botched softmodded Wii. The Homebrew Channel works and my Wii isn't bricked or anything, but I screwed up somewhere along the line and it has a bunch of errors randomly and the Wii won't do what I modded it to do - play games/burned discs.

    So, I'm planning to format it, but I just wanted to ask - if I format it, do I need to update to any specific version before I LINK REMOVED? And are there any modding complications in formating it?


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    We do not support some other site's FAILGUIDE. Please realize, formatting is no solution for a botched softmod. Perhaps you should follow mauifrog's softmod any wii guide from the beginning instead.

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    Thanks a lot.

    I'm glad that I asked before jumping into it. I'm following the guide now and it is going well so far.

    I do have one question, though. When I get ready to put my games onto an external HDD to play on my Wii, will the Wii support a HDD that is powered by the USB cable, or does it need to have a plug connected at the mains?

    Thanks again.

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    You may want to check your HDD compatibility HERE

    And I use a WD 500gb pocket drive,and it works great with USB.


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