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Thread: Wii64, getting games to run

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    Wii64, getting games to run

    Got Wii64 and I can't really get any games to run. I installed it straight from the homebrew browser. I've tried 4 games so far, and no luck. My C64 emulator runs like a charm. Booted up Super mario 64, the title screen pops up, then it goes super slow and I can't get any further. Shadows of the Empire boots, but the sounds is just weird buzzes, I can watch the whole intro but when the title screen pops up it just goes black and goes nowhere after that. Resident Evil 2 won't load at all, just a black screen. Same with Rogue squadron. Any ideas?

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    Wii64 works but it's compatibility isn't very good and is plagued with problems. In general fifth generation emulation on the Wii sucks. Don't expect perfect emulation out of any of the three fifth gen emulators and lots of problems and crashes.
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