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Thread: wad installer

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    wad installer

    after spending 4 hours trying to figure it out and searching this site i have found no luck on a how to for wad installer,i have formated my sd card and loaded wadinstaller on it .i have homebrew installed and i also have gecko and they work good.the problem i am having is on some games i have black screen.i have read that i need wadinstaller and iso38..however i cannot find the wad files anywhere and how do i install wii has a mod and i am running 3.2u there a package for the wad files i have the installer and is there a how to...thanks in advance

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    its IOS not ISO, maybe that will help, try using the search bar here, you could very much find it.
    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    im sorry your right.. i did do that and had no luck..links where broken

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    I post ios38 53 55 LOL
    Search wad manager
    To install
    Wad folder In the root lower case only
    Put the wad manager in the app folder rename the dol to boot

    To get the ios files search error 002

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    GREAT i got the wad file and now do i put the in the wad folder i created along with the wad installer or does the installed go in apps with grecko... do i name it .boot.dol

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    Just boot.sol
    U make the wad folder in the root and put the ios there
    The manager goes in apps with gecko and stuff

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    did exactly that and the only thing that comes up is gecko

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    am i missing other files for the installer all i have is the boot.dol

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    if its in a folder, in the apps folder it should show

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    its not in a folder i will put it in and try it

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