Total noob here, so please be gentle?

Okay this may be an odd question but I've been poking around for info and just making myself more confused. I've ordered a Wode Jukebox, can't WAIT for it to arrive. As such, I of course want to install Wodeflow so I don't have to use the little screen and I can do it from the comfort of my couch. To do this, I have to install what? The Homebrew channel and what else? My wii is a new red one and I'm an idiot and updated to 4.3U. Do I have to follow a guide for softmodding? And if so... how far do I have to go with it? Since I'll have the Wode Jukebox, I don't need "Full" softmod, right? All I really care about putting on there is Wodeflow as I'm not very technical and scared of bricking my favorite new toy.

Anyone have a tutorial on how to do this? I know I'm gonna love the Wode either way but would love an "idiotproof" guide to getting to that point. If I need to use the Indiana Jones thing, I have access to that game, or is there an easier way to get Wodeflow installed on my wii. I hope this question is okay since it involves both Hardmodding and softmodding