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Thread: Cheats with Configurable USB Loader

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    Cool Cheats with Configurable USB Loader

    Ok, so first of all sorry of this has been posted but i have looked just about everywhere for a solution and i have not seemed to have found 1 yet. So heres the problem:

    I have been using Configurable USB Loader for a couple of months now and all is fine but now i have seen in the options menu that u can use cheats on there so i followed my instinct and i done as follows:

    Go on to the game i want to play, press A to pick the game
    Then press 1 to load options
    Move down to Cheats
    Press Right
    Download.txt file
    Enable the cheat i want
    Save .GCT file
    Press B to exit options
    Make sure Ocarina Cheats is ON
    Press A to start
    Game loads fine but cheats have not worked can anybody please help i bet i am close and probably doing something silly.

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    If you read the RULES again!!!!

    We do not support CHEATS!!!!!


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