So I got three wii's now that are broken. One's modded (wii #1), one for sure isn't (on 4.3, wii #2), and I have to get a component cable to check the other one (Wii #3). I swapped a working drive from #3 to mod #2. But the disc didn't spin, swapped back, and it worked, so I concluded that the drive boards couldn't be switched.
Swapped the lasers and it wouldn't spin the disc, swapped the motors and I got it to spin awkwardly once. Since then I can't get it to work.
(was going to try and put the drive back together that worked, but haven't done that yet)

Can someone please clarify how to go about doing this? I'm testing this on mine, then I was going to mod someone else's (I have to get a drive working on theirs since theirs is on 4.3)

Also, if this is the wrong forum, feel free to move it.