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Thread: Game-specific USB loader forwarder channels and NTFS?

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    Game-specific USB loader forwarder channels and NTFS?


    I have a 4.2E softmodded wii with BootMii 0.6. I have used uLoader and game-specific USB loader channel forwarders. But now I have decided not to use WBFS anymore. I backuped all my games from the WBFS partition into .ISO files. I don't want that I have to first launch a loader and choose the game from there, but I prefer that I have all the games in the menu as channels.

    I have searched but I cannot find a thread on how to create game-specific forwarder channels, and with NTFS support. I am not sure if you people like using them like me but I prefer having all the games right in the start menu as channels.

    So is there a game-specific channel forwarder with NTFS support? And where can I find instructions on how to make those game forwarder channels again since I have to now remove them? Does uLoader support NTFS?

    Edit: FOUND IT! Sorry for bothering you all. Just had to adjust my stupid keywords . (This is what I found helpful:
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