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Thread: Other ways of dumping games?!

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    Other ways of dumping games?!

    Im just fishing here, but is it possible to dump games images from usb stick to ext usb hdd attached to the wii instead of ripping from dvd?

    Now i know theres a way to dump games over network from wii to your pc, is it possible to send images back to the wii hdd from pc?



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    If it's already on a USB stick you can just connect it to the pc transfer the game. Then connect the hdd and transfer the game to the hdd

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    If you have everything set up as a fat32 partition you can always use your computer to share the file on your network then use WiiXplorer to connect to that. I dont understand why you would want to go through all the trouble. It will take a long time for the game to transfer doing it this way. It is much easier and quicker to just plug both drives into the computer i think.

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    Thx for the replies, yes i understand what your saying, maybe i should have been more clear, in that i'm looking for a way to avoid unplugging the hdd from the wii to carry over to the pc to install games onto the hdd then connect the hdd back to the wii.

    I'm looking for a non disconnecting route

    Networking the games would be ideal so would usb stick, which is why i asked

    @cornflake123 in regards to wiixplorer, can files be moved from usb to hdd on the wii and does it have to be fat32 to see/use the devices ?
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    in that i'm looking for a way to avoid unplugging the hdd from the wii to carry over to the pc to install games onto the hdd then connect the hdd back to the wii.
    LOL --- LAZINESS!!!! That is the worlds problem..... hahahahahaha

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    maybe hehe, but ideal.

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    I believe it can only read from the same usb port that you use for your games. So no it can't move from usb stick to usb hdd. (if i am wrong somebody please correct me) I have never tried to use ntfs with it but it has settings for it so I am sure it can do both fat32 and ntfs. If you had the means to put your game on a SD card you could copy it from that to your hdd using the Wii. Just make sure that everything is in wbfs files not iso's and I highly recommend using fat32 over ntfs. It has better compatibility with things. If nothing else and you have the time the networking means no moving anything or messing with cables.

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    If you could find a NAS drive (network areas storage) that also allowed USB access (I have no idea if such a thing exists) hypothetically you could access it via the network on your PC and have it attached to the wii at the same time.

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