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Thread: wikey fusion and neogamma ( rev17)

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    wikey fusion and neogamma ( rev17)

    I bought a wii on my return from spending a few years in the states it had a wikey fusion installed and was running 4.3 E.As i had some backups of my NTSC games i wanted to play them but found this version took away the region free capability from fusion.
    I then softmoded the wii put on neogamma (rev17) and returned it to ver 4.1E, fusion still wont play backups and neogamma gives read error 1328.
    Fusion does play my pal discs and backups, and my NTSC games work on my mates wii modded the same way but with no wikey fusion installed.
    Fusion is on latest firmware 1.4 do i have to remove fusion or can i update some software to get it to work with my NTSC disks and backups.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there i dont know much about wii key fusion but when you try loading your NTSC backups through neogamma use the forcePAL option sometimes that will make em work if not maybe update to the latest neogamma (if u dont have it already) if not u may not have the needed IOS to play the games read this post it might help ya

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    Thanks for the reply but as i said in my post these games work fine on another wii i softmodded using same process as i did with the wikey fusion wii, so i dont think the fault is with neogamma or IOS I want to know if there is an issue running both on same wii or is there somthing i should do with wikey fusion other than having to remove it, as all games work on one without fusion. But thanks for input.

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    Is there a option in the wikey fusion menu to disable it? have you tried to load the games using the sd card with wikey? it should be fine to have a hardmodded and softmodded wii I have a drivekey hardmod and softmod with neogamma and a usb loader and it works fine. Since you have softmodded have a look into usb loading i have usb loader gx and cfg loader which both play all region games off the hard drive then there is no need for backup discs. Other wise guess the ultimate test would be to remove ya wiikey and if neogamma still doesnt work then its a fault with ya softmod and not the chip.


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