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Thread: games, and piracy

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    games, and piracy

    well, i posted in a thread, about tatsunoko vs capcoms graphics being poor *despite them being one of the, if not the best on the wii atm* upon my post, i said that i believe piracy would drop, if games were more about gameplay, than design

    after getting flamed, i want to know what others think...

    do you think if game designers, spent as much time, on the designs as making the game fun, do you think piracy would drop, stay the same, maybe even go up, you dont need to be a pirate, or even believe in this, to post, i just want to know what people think

    if u give a anwser for the poll, please post why.

    personally i feel if games were as fun, as they were, and not graphic based like now, piracy would drop a lot, considering lets look at some simple facts.

    always, once homebrew starts on a console, one of the first apps, are always emulators...
    now lets look at some of the big current series, the biggest game for PS3, that came out was Metal gear solid 4, which when i saw/"played it" it felt like a movie, with bad gameplay in the middle, but that game sold, and got tons of people to play, which is MOSTLY design based.

    now you look at games like Tatsunoko vs capcom, which a lot of people actually bought, for the VS capcom name, and the fact it looked solid, i did myself, but among all of this, you see other games like Castlevania, which looked decent, and tried to look nice, but i couldnt play for more than 3 hours...

    i personally got into modding over my love for Japanese games, and my hate of paying 100 usd, to play 1 that isnt always fun, or the best =\

    so what do you think?

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    I think the piracy rate will stay the same. Joe Sixpack who usually gets his console modded doesn't typically do it to play original Japanese imports, he usually does it to save money on games. He doesn't give a rats ass about the developer, he's saving his money from not spending $50 on a title. Or atleast that's the number 1 reason I hear from %95 of my customers.

    As far as design based vs graphics based, I think the cat is out of the bag regarding better graphics. With the exception of the Wii, Nintendo has partaken in the graphics arms race with the rest of them. If Nintendo felt they could compete in the market with a technologicaly equal/superior console, then I believe they would have done so.


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