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Thread: Black screen - here is what i've done ... :( 4.3u red

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    Black screen - here is what i've done ... :( 4.3u red


    Well I've modded my brother's wii he received this Xmas for is child. Everything was perfect execpt that vc won't load from sd. Bootmii and priiloader is on, and I have a nand backup. I've read on a site that i needed to install IOS80-64-v6944[FS-ES-NP] to make sd work with 4.3u. After installing that and a reboot, I'm now stock at a black screen.

    Wii boot from controller or power, 1 blue flash at startup, reset + power show nothing. The system don't seem to see SD i put in it.

    Any suggestion ?

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    you shouldnt mess with your system menu IOS.

    I dont see why you follow a guide on another site, then come here for help to fix it. Why not follow the guides here considering you have been a member since june.

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    Well I did fellow the guide here.. as i said everything was working perfect. Is just that i wanted my vc to boot from sd

    damn i'm so stupid... i feel so bad

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    Canadian user; if you need someone to reprogram your NAND, streamlinehd or krafter would be the folks to PM. Good luck!


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