Hello their wii hacks I have a soft modded wii 4.3u, running cfg loader v58, with a wbfm formated hard drivem well I use to use usb loader gx to play my usb games till I herd about the brick issues so I switch to cfg loader and now I can play super mario galaxy 2 and just dance 2

Super mario galaxey 2: it starts I'm on the ship but then when I stomp on the little buttun to see the galaxy the screen just stays white

Just dance 2: it works for a while but then it just turn black and says reading disc I switch my ios to 222 and works a little longer but the the reading disc come back out

Can some one help maybe I have to tweak the game a little or some thing. I was also thinking of just having the usb loader gx on the memmory just incase I can't fix the issue but not the channel since I hurd it might be a little safer
If their is a thread already please be kind and send me a link