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Thread: Weird USB HDD bootup for Configurable USB Loader

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    Weird USB HDD bootup for Configurable USB Loader

    Hey everybody

    Post #1. I searched but couldn't find something that matches this.

    So I softmodded my 4.3E Wii using the guide found here.

    Long story short, my HDD won't mount, unless I plug it in during the 30 second timeout period. On the other hand, my USB memory stick does work.

    My HDD is a Samsung, HM160HI.

    Is this a known behavior? Is this an issue with cfgUSB or my HDD? Would I have better luck with another loader?


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    I posted in the newbies forum.

    Anyways, I installed USB Loader GX and it mounted my drive without difficulties. Would still prefer to use CFG USB there something I'm missing?

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    If you get the option to reload an IOS, reload 249 by pressing 2. If it doesn't recognize it, just retry. Otherwise, migrate to WiiFlow, stay on USB Loader GX, or go old fashioned with uLoader. Or make your own, if you think you can program one.


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